Video and telephone counselling


You can access a Medicare rebate under a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP for Telehealth counselling at Little Window.

During this undeniably challenging time of social distancing and self-isolating around the world, it is important to understand how we can all continue to look after our mental and emotional wellbeing.

The psychologists and therapists at Little Window provide video and telephone counselling (Telehealth counselling) to individuals who do not live in the area, are unable to travel to sessions, or are restricted from attending sessions due to health reasons, so that people can still access therapy.

As your therapy appointments and wellbeing are important to us, we have trained all our therapists in providing Telehealth appointments. Research tells us that positive therapy outcomes from Telehealth counselling are similar to those of face-to-face counselling.

Telehealth is a secure and confidential videoconferencing or telephone counselling system that allows clients and therapists to still connect for therapy when they are not able to meet in person. For video sessions we use a system called Zoom, which can be used on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, and does not require any special software.

Our Client Support Team will text you a zoom link prior to your session, and payment can be processed online.

Little Window provides therapy through a unique and holistic lens. Our counselling environment and therapeutic relationship soothes the nervous system and supports a 'whole brain' approach to counselling. Via video and telephone, our therapists can help support you to create a calming sanctuary in your own home when you engage in therapy with us, for a meaningful and positive experience.

There are many advantages to using video and telephone as modalities for therapy:



Telehealth Counselling

  • People can continue to practice social distancing and self-isolating, while still accessing therapy during the Coronavirus health crisis.
  • Individuals can seek mental health support from therapists who are based interstate or internationally, who align with their values and preferences of counselling approach.
  • Counselling can be accessible to everyone, including those who live in rural or remote areas, who are caring for young children, who have chronic physical health concerns which limit their ability to leave the house, or who prefer to seek support from a professional outside of their location.
  • People can access counselling support from the comfort and safety of their own home, without having to factor in travel time and costs. This can be convenient for people who have a busy schedule and need more flexibility with appointments.
  • People can still access their counselling session if they travel away from home (for example, if they travel interstate for work).
  • Individuals have also reported an increased sense of control and safety by engaging in counselling in their own environment, leading to effective rapport and trust-building.
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