Sex Therapy


‘Sex Therapy’ is a branch of psychology and counselling that uses similar knowledge and skills to work with individuals across a variety of sex, sexuality and gender-related areas. At Little Window, we offer Sex Therapy with Pablo Navarro, Clinical Psychosexual Therapist and Counselling Psychologist.

People access Sex Therapy for:

  • Sex, gender and sexuality education
  • Sexual shame and disgust
  • Having sex following chronic illness and loss of ability
  • Masculine and feminine gender role strain
  • Sexual intimacy and communication
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sex-related ‘addiction’
  • Sexual and gender identity affirmation

Some people may not come to see Pablo for any of the above reasons other than the comfort of knowing he is sex-positive and kink, poly and LGBTIQA+ friendly practitioner. To hear more about Pablo's work as a Sex Therapist, click here.



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