Neuropsychotherapy takes an integrative and holistic approach to counselling; it looks at the mind, biology of the body and social environment, using the knowledge of neuroscience to help us explore and understand how we can work towards wellness.

We sometimes forget that our remarkable brains are the driving force behind everything we do and feel. Connecting our behaviour with the knowledge of how our brains function can help us to understand and make the changes that we would like to see in ourselves. The process of self-reflection and understanding ourselves is paramount for mental wellness.

Did you know that our brains can change simply by talking to another person? Some people believe that a psychologist is just someone who you can talk to, but a psychologist is also someone who can help you change the physical hardware in your brain. This is exciting news! Neuropsychotherapy uses the knowledge of how our brains operate and supports/encourages individuals to find ways to change their own neural pathways into positive and helpful patterns of behaviour. Understanding ourselves and what makes us do the things we do, is the first step in viewing ourselves with compassion, and realising that our brains drive our behaviour as a way to survive. At Little Window, we support people to use their brains in a different way in order to thrive.

Our psychologists also specialise in using this type of brain-based therapy with children. We teach children, young people and their parents about their brains, what causes anxiety, fear, anger or avoidance, and how to soothe the emotional parts of their brain.

The positive changes that we can make in our brains can occur within and outside of therapy as long as there is a safe and enriched environment.


Our brains are the most amazing and complex organisms in the world. No matter what our age, we can change our brains, we can change the way we feel, and we can move from unhelpful patterns of behaviour to positive and helpful patterns throughout our entire  lifespan.

You know that old saying, "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks?" Well, Neuroscience has shown us the opposite! Our brains can be wired and re-wired constantly throughout our lives. We just need to learn how.

Caring for our brains is vital to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Our thinking, diet, physical well-being, environment, and relationships all contribute to how healthy our brains can be. We need to nurture, nourish, and focus on ourselves and our brains in order to make positive and helpful changes in our life. A great start is learning to be kind, gentle and have unconditional compassion for ourselves. This can be challenging and can take some time and conscious commitment.

Focusing on ourselves wholeheartedly is an important step and helps to pave the way to nurturing our brains. We can sometimes focus all of our attention on our external environment and relationships with others. It is by nurturing and understanding ourselves that we can create fulfilling and abundant relationships with the people we love.


We would love to hear from you and would be honoured to support you in your journey to wellness.