Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


ACT is a mindfulness and value oriented-based therapy; its core aim is to help people to accept what they cannot control, and commit to action to create a more meaningful and enriched life. ACT uses mindfulness skills to effectively deal with painful feelings. This process involves helping clients to engage in the present moment, and learn to non-judgmentally observe and step back from their thoughts and emotions. ACT assists people to accept, open up and ‘give room’ for difficult feelings, and to draw on their personal values to guide them towards taking action to enhance their sense of wellness.

ACT is about being in the moment, being open and accepting, and taking action that is driven by what is important to us and in our hearts - much like the philosophy of Buddhism, without being religious! When we put these processes into practice, we are rewarded with feelings of peace, contentment and happiness.


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