Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


ACT is a mindfulness and value oriented-based therapy and is a powerful and effective approach in supporting individuals with all types of concerns, as well enhancing quality of life.

ACT's core aims are to teach skills in defusion (letting go from unhelpful thoughts); acceptance (making room for difficult emotions to come and go); contact with the present moment (mindfulness); and values (connecting with what truly matters to you in your life, and committing to taking action that is aligned with your values, even if it feels uncomfortable).

By learning how to curiously observe your thoughts, sensations, urges and memories, you cultivate and strengthen your 'observing self' - the essence of mindfulness. This is an invaluable skill to support you to be with and accept difficult and painful emotions, and ultimately allow you to experience something called Psychological Flexibility, which is the ability to be present, open, adaptable, self-aware, and to live your life being guided by deeply held values.

As human beings we naturally try to avoid pain, and when we experience painful emotions, we tend to try to cope by attempting to get rid of, ignore, or numb the unwanted sensations. In the process of doing this, more discomfort and suffering can be created. ACT teaches us through mindfulness skills to observe, make room for, accept and even have compassion for these difficult emotions, thus transforming the way we navigate through our feelings.


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