Our Services

Little Window is a unique Brisbane-based psychology practice in Greenslopes (Stones Corner) that offers holistic counselling to adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. We provide therapy to people of all ages, genders and gender expressions, sexualities, and cultural backgrounds. Our therapy space is a safe, nurturing and sacred haven to look within and work towards thriving and feeling well.

At Little Window, our Brisbane Psychologists have extensive counselling and psychology experience. We care deeply for our counselling clients and are dedicated to providing a gentle, enriched, and soothing therapy space for all who seek support in our practice. Our psychologists are passionate about both living and working in alignment with emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and mental wellness.


Little Window's team specialises in supporting people with issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Life transitions
  • Sexual health
  • Addictions
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting and attachment
  • Emotional, social & behavioural concerns in children
  • Family separation
  • Childhood issues
  • Bullying and cyber bullying


Holistic Psychologists

Our team of professional and highly skilled psychologists have extensive counselling and psychology experience, working with adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. At Little Window you will receive exceptional care, support and a holistic approach to therapy which is grounded in evidence-based interventions. 


Little Window is the only private practice in Brisbane (Greenslopes) which has dedicated spaces designed and created for the needs of each individual. We provide seven specialised therapy rooms, each named for the elements and qualities they bring to their occupants: The Lighthouse, The Forest, The Earth Room, The Lake Room, The Lotus Room, The Sanctuary, and The Dreamtime Room (a Play Therapy room for children). 

Our spaces have been carefully created to consider the elements of light, temperature, colour, aromatherapy, comfort, relaxation and safety. 

Research in the field of neuroscience tells us that creating a sanctuary and sacred space supports both our therapists and clients to alleviate tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. Being in an enriched and calming environment where one can feel safe while exploring, processing, and learning about themselves is ideal for healing, growth, recovery and working towards wellness.


We would love to hear from you and would be honoured to support you in your journey to wellness.