Why is Little Window so unique?


We offer a therapy space that is unlike other Brisbane psychology practices. Each of our rooms has been intentionally and intuitively designed to help people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Instead of experiencing therapy in a clinical office with fluorescent lights, you will feel like you are connecting with your psychologist in a cosy, warm-lit lounge room. Research tells us that enriched counselling environments can elicit feelings of comfort, confidence and safety for individuals. An enriched therapy environment can be described as one that has natural lighting, pleasant decor, warm colours, soft flooring, view of a garden outside, and less formality. Lamps and candles, instead of fluorescent lights have also been shown to create feelings of inner quiet and calmness.

Little Window has seven specialised therapy rooms, each named for the elements and qualities they bring to their occupants: The Lighthouse, The Forest, The Earth Room, The Lake Room, The Lotus Room, The Dreamtime Room, and the Sanctuary. All rooms have been designed with the purpose of supporting people to feel safe and relaxed. 




For children, we provide a fully equipped Play Therapy Room (The Dreamtime Room) to engage children in a way that is safe and meaningful for them, using their natural language of play and art to communicate, express and process their thoughts, feelings and experiences. For adolescents, we have art therapy spaces as well as The Forest, a room that supports people to feel relaxed and comfortable using elements of nature. 


Alongside giving careful attention and care to our therapy rooms, Little Window uses aromatherapy to help create feelings of wellbeing in both our staff and our clients. 

Out of all our senses, smell is the only sense that is projected straight to the amygdala, an almond-shaped cluster in the limbic system of our brain which plays a big role in emotional memory. Smell also activates the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory storage, as well as the pineal gland, which is said to be related to spirituality.

Our other physical senses travel a different path and activate the more conscious parts of our brain in the cerebral cortex. This is why smell can trigger such strong feelings before we even have a conscious thought about it, such as fear, sadness, nostalgia, joy or a sense of calm. 

With this knowledge, it makes sense that aromatherapy can be so powerful. In our counselling space we use essential oils to assist both ourselves and our clients to soothe the nervous system, as well as maximise oxygenation to the brain, assisting the amygdala to release emotional blockages.


Providing a sense of sanctuary: a safe and soothing space and atmosphere, for our clients is paramount to working towards wellness. We believe that all these factors together support people to experience more positive and meaningful therapy outcomes. 

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Photography by Still Wild Love 


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