Our Story

Little Window was created from a desire to practice Psychology in a way that felt genuine, holistic, nurturing, and that promotes all areas of wellness. We, the founders, met many years ago at another counselling service, and since then have learned an incredible amount about ourselves as individuals and as practitioners. As friends, colleagues, and then business partners, we shared a vision of how we wanted to run our own Psychology practice.

What sets Little Window apart from other practices is the way in which we care for and work with each of our counselling clients. ​It is important to us to practice mindfully and to place focus on quality rather than quantity of care: we do not book sessions in back-to-back wherever possible, so that the people we work with are provided adequate time, care, and space with their psychologist.

We had the intention of designing an environment that felt non-sterile, warm and enriching. Our cosy therapy rooms have been intuitively and thoughtfully created to enhance a sense of safety and comfort for our clients. We know from neuroscience that an enriched and calming environment can decrease feelings of anxiety, increase feelings of safety, and enhance cortical blood flow in the brain, which means that clients are more likely to engage effectively in the counselling process.

Through years of personal growth, study, training and building on our skills and knowledge, we have learned that it is not necessarily what you know that makes you an effective and helpful therapist, but it is about who you are. Counselling is about connection and relationship. People can heal from immense traumas and deep pain through a positive and trusting relationship where they feel heard, understood, and that someone genuinely cares about their wellbeing.

The counselling relationship is a very unique one: one person, the therapist, hears intimate details about the other person's world and does not divulge much about themselves at all. This is the way the counselling process is set up, so that the individual attending therapy is able to focus on themselves in the session without being affected, clouded or influenced by the story of their therapist. Despite this, we believe that the counselling relationship for us as the therapist is also so much about tapping into our humanity, compassion, and our innate ability to connect with others and their vulnerability. This means that it is in our very nature as psychologists to draw from who we are as people to form this special relationship. It also makes sense that we have a different type of relationship for each person that we see, as every connection is unique and different.

Research tells us that the most significant predictor of a positive outcome for therapy is the relationship someone has with their therapist. This factor has been shown to be even more important than what interventions, strategies or techniques are used in counselling. It is so important for us that the people we work with see us, their psychologist, as another person, rather than "experts" or well-functioning robots. We too have insecurities and flaws, and experience fear and sadness and struggle with our own vulnerabilities. It is this collective experience as humans that helps us to connect with each other in meaningful ways and to help each other learn, grow and thrive.

Little Window is a creative extension and embodiment of the both of us as the directors of the practice. How we developed and then continue to nurture our personal friendship, how we look after our business partnership, to how we practice together, has set the tone for how we invest in our practice and take care of our team and our clients. A lot of the positive feedback we receive from people who have therapy at our service is about the way they feel nourished in our therapy space, both by the elements in the counselling environment as well as by our team.

Our highly skilled psychologists and our reception team have been carefully selected, and align with the Little Window Philosophy that all individuals deserve care, respect, and unconditional positive regard at all times.

We look forward to welcoming you to the sanctuary we have created at Little Window.

~ Christina and Thania


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