About Little Window

Little Window is a Safe Place for people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and diverse sexual and gender identities and expressions. Our counselling space is a safe, nurturing and sacred haven to look within and work towards wellness.

Little Window is an opening to a Peaceful Place; an introspective journey to the Self. It is also an outward connection from inner vulnerability to someone and somewhere safe and supportive.

It is the small window of tolerance referred to in neuroscience as the state of equilibrium within our nervous system (in the middle of the “fight or flight” and "freeze" response) that we need to be in, to recover and integrate from difficult life experiences, and to thrive. We each have unique windows of tolerance, narrow or wide, depending on our experiences.

Little Window is also about the prefrontal cortex, which plays a vital role in our wellness. It is the integrative structure in our brains that supports resilience: It is responsible for our regulation through attunement, insight, empathy, rationality, intuition, morality, easing fear, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and regulating emotions. The prefrontal cortex is located at the very front of the brain, behind the forehead and between the eyes - it is the 'window' in which we work through and engage with in therapy, that supports resilience and opens powerful opportunities for healing and growth.

Our counselling practice is led by the belief that people possess their own sense of wisdom and self-knowledge that can sometimes go unnoticed. Our therapy team strives to nourish, strengthen, and bring into light each individual’s resilience and ability to create a fulfilled, authentic and empowered life.

We take into consideration your whole experience as a client. From the moment you enter our space, you are warmly greeted by soothing music, aromatherapy, and offered a cup of organic tea by one of our friendly team. We respect the time and energy you give for your therapy and therefore mindfully space out our appointments wherever possible to ensure that you receive the appropriate care and time that is required for your counselling process.

All of our therapy rooms are specifically designed to elicit an atmosphere of comfort and sanctuary to our clients: We have 7 counselling rooms which include a variety of adult therapy rooms, 2 fully equipped Play Therapy rooms, art therapy spaces, and rooms designed specifically for the comfort of adolescents. It is important to us that people of all ages have access to a variety of enriching environments and modalities for self-expression.


We would love to hear from you and would be honoured to support you in your journey to wellness.